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exploring the role that technology plays in human evolution and adaptation, with particular importance of the ethical questions and implications that this begins to raise. This project explores the concept of technology replacing human roles in the form of a surrogate mother, entitled ‘Incubator’. I am fascinated with the concept of discomfort being a catalyst for further thinking; Timothy Morton refers to this anomaly in his book HyperObjects: “The gap between phenomenon and thing yawns open, disturbing my sense of presence and being in the world.”
Smell Synth
Perceptual-Solutions Ltd.

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At Sensory-solutions we’re reinventing the way we interact with technology. Introducing ‘Smell-Synth’. The all new olfactory support device - bringing the digital world to you.
‘Augmented Texture Mapping’
Life Corp.

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Coming Soon.
New Horizons

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Coming Soon. Instead of earthware pottery - marsware fabrication - recontextualising a previous project.
Solar Connections

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SatCom the Solar-Systems fastest and most reliable Earth to Mars connection.
The background video is a custom edit of the film ‘1999 A.D.’
By Elliott Hall